Trevor Anderson Montana Guide #14516



Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or inquiries about fishing and hunting in western Montana. Thanks for reading!

Latitudes Outfitting Co. 406-363-3123

Endorsing Outfitter: Robert Gary, Montana Outfitter license #7970

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Bill Marchel says:

    Great stuff, Trevor. Obviously, you are getting to spend a lot of time outdoors. Good for you.
    Take care,
    Bill Marchel

  2. Dave Zentner says:

    Hi Trevor–
    I love the pictures of the cuts; and, your joy in what you are doing. I think we are about done with the heavy part of the hex hatch here in the MW-everythings so-advanced all spring it is really hard to break out of “conventional” calendar, realize what is really going on now.

    Hot humid, while Cole is doing the Musky thing, I’m catching some big gills and big black crappies-back to the trout shortly-bother some musky along the way as well.

    I’ll try to keep in touch.

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