Memorial Day Weekend


Remember today those who have given their lives for our freedom. Around 1.3 million Americans have sacrificed their lives during the history of our country. Most of them had their whole lives in front of them, but unselfishly gave it up so we could enjoy things such as hunting and fishing in this great land.

This last weekend I traveled to central Minnesota with my old high school fishing buddy Dom, and his brother, Nick. We were invited up to their Uncle’s duck cabin to fish the surrounding lakes. It’s a Northwoods classic-made of big pine logs with an iron wood stove and Les Couba duck paintings hanging on the walls.

We got to fishing one of the nearby lakes. Although it was cold and rainy, the bass seemed to be really active. We caught fish on a number of presentations from texas rigs to spinnerbaits, but the best seemed to be a wacky style plastic worm fished on a spinning rod.

Note the hooded rain jacket...It felt like March. Not Summer-like at all.

Note the hooded rain jacket…It felt like March. Not Summer-like at all.

Dom with a good one pitchin' in the reeds.

Dom with a good one pitchin’ in the reeds.

Ran into a walleye as well.

Ran into a walleye as well.

As the grey sky turned into darkness we headed back to the cabin. The next day turned out to be just as grey and windy out, but fortunately no rain. We caught some nice bass and northerns in the morning, and then focused on pitching slip bobbers to the shallows in hopes of bringing home enough crappies for dinner.

A grey day on the water.

A grey day on the water.


Minnesota...the land of lots of pike.

Minnesota…the land of lots of pike.


Fish Fry

Fish Fry

It was a great day filled with multiple species…one of things that makes the lakes of the north country so great. The last morning we planned to fish for just a quick couple of hours and then hit the road, the numbers of bass weren’t as good as the previous days that morning, but we caught a handful and Nick pulled a big one.

5.5 lbs. Who says there aren't big bass in the north?

Weighed in at 5.5 lbs. Who says there aren’t big bass in the north?

We headed back to town soon after. It was an awesome weekend of fishing with great friends, it sure feels good to be back on the waters of the midwest. I’ll now be headed to the North Shore of Minnesota in search of Steelhead this week. The rivers are receding from blowing out last week due to all the rain we’ve been getting but they should be close to prime now. Thanks for reading.


About flyfishingwest

My name is Trevor Anderson. I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana, and guide fly fishing trips around this amazing state. If you would like to inquire about a fly fishing or hunting trip in Montana you can call Latitudes Outfitting Co. at 406-363-3123.
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