Spring Break Madness Part 1

It’s been a crazy spring break for the past 8 days. No, I was not down in Cancun or Miami, but a different kind of crazy. Crazy in the sense of driving over 1000 miles, fishing 4 different bodies of water, and living off of minimum food for the past week. I managed to fish everyday but today (should probably study now) with a bunch of good friends and family. Last friday my brother and Dad flew out for the weekend to fish. The skwala hatch was going on pretty strong then and we got into some nice fish on dries. Even better for them, there is still over a foot of snow at home, so it was a dream for them to be able to fish in 50-60 degree weather.

Cole with a good dry fly Cutthroat.

Cole with a good dry fly Cutthroat.

Big Bugs

Big Bugs

The Ol' Man

The Ol’ Man

One of the drawbacks about living out in Montana is not being able to fish with my Dad or Cole that often. My Dad taught Cole and I how to fish at a very young age, and some of my best childhood memories are fishing with them, whether just below our house on the St. Croix river, or the family trips we took out west.

Colebro and myself

Colebro and myself

Photo By Dad

Photo By Dad




It was a great weekend to have my brother and Dad come out west to fish. They had to fly out sunday afternoon, but there was lots more spring break left. Spring Break Part 2 coming soon.


About flyfishingwest

My name is Trevor Anderson. I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana, and guide fly fishing trips around this amazing state. If you would like to inquire about a fly fishing or hunting trip in Montana you can call Latitudes Outfitting Co. at 406-363-3123.
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2 Responses to Spring Break Madness Part 1

  1. Norb Berg says:

    I really enjoyed this blog, chiefly because I know and love and respect the Anderson clan and recognize the warmth of the family ties. For the record, I envied the fishing experience too,

    • Norb,
      Thanks for the kind words. You have also had a part teaching Cole and me a passion for the outdoors and how to conduct ourselves. I would love for you and my Dad to make it out here this summer to fish. Give me a call and we can make something happen.


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