South Carolina Trip

On thursday I traded in the sub-zero temps of the north for the warm ocean breezes of the south. My buddy Cody ( and I were going to stay with our buddy Garret to fish Redfish for 4 days. Garret lives near Charleston, SC, and has been fishing the flats near his house for many years. I got down there midday on thursday, and due to high winds and rain, just fished off the dock with Garret quickly before dinner. Garret had warned us the fishing had been tough this winter, especially with flies, but Cody and I were determined to at least get our first Redfish on the fly.

After fishing on the dock for a bit, I soon hooked into my first S.C. Redfish, on spinning gear.


Cody got into town later that night and we were ready to hit the water early in the morning, or so I thought…

I unfortunately woke up feeling pretty sick and opted to stay in for the morning and try to rest up. Thankfully it was a short lived sickness, probably due to my recent lack of sleep. Cody and Garret came back and picked my up for the afternoon. Garret brought us to some awesome spots in the tidal marshes around Charleston, as we caught Speckled Trout and even my first Black Drum.



Photo By Garret


It was a fun day and I was glad just to be feelling better. The next day we decided to take a gamble and trailer the boat north 45 minutes in hopes of finding some Reds on the flats. Unfortunately the visabilty was not that great and it was a little to windy up there, resulting in us not finding much action. In the afternoon we trailered the boat back to Charleston to finish out the day.

Garret with the highlight of the day.

Garret with the highlight of the day.

The next day the fishing really picked up, along with warm weather. Garret found us some great schools of Redfish on the flats, and I got my first Red on the fly.


Garret up there Guidin’



Photo by Cody

It was really cool to see Redfish on the flats like that, and casting crab imitations to them. They are a really hard fighting fish on a fly rod, and leave you wanting more.

The next day was our last, and we got up early to make the most of it. Garret once again put us on the fish, and even some tailers in the grass this time.

Photo by Cody

Photo by Cody

After having a couple fish refuse my offering, we switched flies and got Cody up on the casting deck. We spotted another tailing Red, Cody made a good cast, and was rewarded with landing his first Redfish on the fly.



Cody and I had accomplished our task of each landing our first Redfish on the fly, with some bonus fish along the way. Big thanks to Garret for poling us around and showing us how it’s done. Also big thanks to Garret’s Mom and Dad for taking care of us for the week, it was an awesome trip filled with warm weather, great friends, and some sweet fish.





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My name is Trevor Anderson. I live in beautiful Missoula, Montana, and guide fly fishing trips around this amazing state. If you would like to inquire about a fly fishing or hunting trip in Montana you can call Latitudes Outfitting Co. at 406-363-3123.
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